cover image: Mind the Disruption - PODCAST EPISODE TRANSCRIPT & COMPANION DOCUMENT - Disrupting the Status Quo


Mind the Disruption - PODCAST EPISODE TRANSCRIPT & COMPANION DOCUMENT - Disrupting the Status Quo

20 Oct 2023

providing public health advice and evidence and Mind the Disruption: Disrupting the Status Quo in Public Health 5 EPISODE 3 SEASON NOVEMBER 22, 2022 ONE So creating opportunities to understand that also we the benefit of being part of a community is that a lot of don’t have to pick one or another for us to be able to people are invested in your success and a lot of people be really grounded in our. [...] And Some of the work that I’ve also taken on was around it was — as you said, we’ve been ringing these alarm some of the racial health equity, and particularly one bells for decades — and the fact that it took the murder of the manuscripts that I’m really excited about that of an unarmed Black man in the most brutal way, for it is going to be coming up in a month or so is around to be televised an. [...] Samiya time to put through a policy brief or to see the new mentions the role that activists outside and inside idea? Is there a new program that we can collaborate public health played in ringing the alarm to call with each other across different organizations in the attention to inequities in their early days of the field? And so relying on peers and friends inside and pandemic. [...] BERNICE And you had mentioned that you want people to SAMIYA imagine the possibilities, right? How do you help people It took the young people in Toronto that had the tents imagine the possibilities through the work that you’re across the police headquarters for 15 days in the rain doing to not only say “This is a problem” but “This is a and in the cold for us to have the Confronting Anti- problem. [...] tapped on their shoulders and cried with sometimes But also challenging myself and others, I’ve learned, is and laughed with at other times to understand, yes, when are we actually having rational fears? And when that this is a system, we are in the belly of the beast are we having irrational fears? When are we worried a lot of the time, and it is a system that we are kind of about saying the trut.
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