cover image: POLICY BRIEF - December 2023 - Unlocking stronger institutions, policies and citizen


POLICY BRIEF - December 2023 - Unlocking stronger institutions, policies and citizen

20 Dec 2023

from the World Bank’s GovTech Maturity Index (GTMI or the Index) i , we observe that while An enabling ecosystem that allows for responsible African countries are investing more in the digital access, sharing and use of data to inspire transformation of their public sector, governments innovation and opportunities for public sector, in the region have mainly focused on strengthening economic and s. [...] reflect the evolving data landscape and are feasible to execute, and public participation in The implication of this is that several African data and digital policy making. [...] mainly focused on strengthening digital infrastructure to optimize public sector operations and service delivery, but are met with subpar Background results in terms of the overall achievement of Government ministries, departments and agencies enabling institutions, policies and citizen typically collect vast amounts of data to support involvement to harness the potential of public citizens and de. [...] For frameworks and regulations can impede instance, only 8 countries in the region have a innovation, collaboration, and investment in national data governance strategy in place for the technology and data-driven solutions for public integration of government data and services, with services. [...] 3 out of every 4 Meaningful citizen participation in the countries in the region do not have any form formulation of government policies related to of national online platform that allows citizens digital technology and data governance via to participate in digital and data policy platforms is insufficient, indicating lack of decision-making.



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