cover image: Climate Chan ge: New evidence on how media can engage youth to take action


Climate Chan ge: New evidence on how media can engage youth to take action

14 Dec 2023

The findings informed the design of the project, specifically the target audience, honing the project’s theory of change and supporting the development of content (TV drama, discussion programmes and social media). [...] BBC Media Action Indonesia KEMBALI KE HUTAN: A SUMMARY OF THE EVALUATION RESULTS 5 Engagement in the media content Findings: The impact of media content Overall people engaged in the Overall, research results show that the drama, discussion project’s content and found it programme and social media content increased awareness informative, entertaining and most of the impacts of climate change and d. [...] 13% of those exposed to the actions have on the climate and project’s media content in the survey reported knowledge about how deforestation) and feel more human actions are affecting climate and contributing to climate change motivated and able to engage on compared to only 7% of those not exposed to the content. [...] People exposed to media • The treatment group was to increase knowledge of the content were discussing significantly more likely to report causes and impacts of deforestation and climate discussing climate change and deforestation, climate change the environment (79%) than the change issues more and green growth issues; show control group (73%). [...] lating some discussion: Understanding change: The media content helped to why people took action illustrate the need to act to be EXPERIMENT: Showed that seen to do the right thing, exposure to #CeritaKita content The results show that despite low building on the formative increased self-reported discussion awareness of deforestation and research findings that social of climate change and the envi.
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