cover image: How can media represent LGBTQI+ communities more effectively in Ukraine?


How can media represent LGBTQI+ communities more effectively in Ukraine?

11 Dec 2023

In 2023, with the support of BBC Media Action, Suspilne broadcast 10 short films under the umbrella title Visible, to profile the diverse experiences of women and members of LGBTQI+ communities in Ukraine and increase their visibility.a In terms of LGBTQI+ communities, the Suspilne films aimed to: • Develop relevant and inclusive content that includes marginalised voices and challenges stereotypes. [...] Online analysis also suggests that online conversations and activism have been driving awareness and acceptance of LGBTQI+ people and issues in Ukraine, both in the context of the war and more broadly. [...] BBC Media Action together with Suspilne developed the concept at the onset of the project and involved the project partner NDI ensuring input from all project stakeholders, considering the Ukrainian context and specifically the current context of the war. [...] The strong commitment and enthusiasm of the media partner was key in the success of the film production and release, including the production of additional social media material to promote the films, the production and release of a TV version of the short films as well as the organisation of a film launch event in Kyiv. [...] They also demonstrated negative reactions towards certain aspects of the films, such as demonstrations of intimacy (as in Pavlo and Vlad’s story), actions to normalise LGBTQI+ communities (as in Vlad S’ story), and the topic of LGBTQI+ families adopting children (as in Pavlo and Vlad’s, and Lesya’s stories).
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