cover image: elsinki bulletin - ELECTIOnS In SERBIa: THE QUESTIOn OF GEOPOLITICaL anD VaLUE ORIEnTaTIOn



22 Jan 2024

The supporters among the intellectuals and ce- bringing of Serbs from the Republic of Srp- lebrities who warded off the ProGlas cam- ska and their voting primarily at the poll- paign – the initiative of 14 independent per- ing stations in Belgrade, caused the anger of sonalities, known to the public, which was the citizens. [...] “We – The Voice of the Peo- Party during the announcement of the elec- ple” expose the shackles in which the West tion results was a kind of message that the economically and financially holds Serbia “Serbian world” is functioning and, at the through the new mechanism of colonial- same time, a demonstration that Vučić is the ism as a dangerous situation and system leader of all Serbs in the region. [...] It is no coincidence that Bishop Irinej, otherwise the main proponent of the pro-Russian line in the Church and the ELECTORaL RESULTS mentor of Patriarch Pofirije, congratulated Vučić on the victory of the “patriotic option” In the extraordinary elections in 17 Decem- as well as the “success in the mission of pre- ber, the list led by Aleksandar Vučić won serving Serbdom and Serbia in difficult ci. [...] The protests that followed were a kind of STILL THE SUCCESS OF reaction not only to these two tragic events, THE OPPOSITIOn but also to the escalation of verbal and physical violence in society, which mostly The “Serbia Against Violence” Coalition is passes without any reaction from state in- the second on the list in terms of the num- stitutions. [...] Radovan Kovačević, spokesman for the Party and that he was there “in the role of Alliance of Independent Social Democrats the NSD President and the role of the friend (SNSD) of Milorad Dodik, told the opposi- of Aleksandar Vučić and other people from tion in Serbia that the citizens of the Repub- Serbia with whom he has been cooperating lic of Stpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, for years”.21 who v.


Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia

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