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Submission by the Australian Informa�on Industry

19 Feb 2024

Submission by the Australian Informaon Industry Associaon (AIIA) to the Senate Economics Legislaon Commitee inquiry into the Digital ID Bill 2023 & Digital ID (Transional and Consequenal Provisions) Bill 2023 February 2024 1 Introduction The AIIA thanks the Senate Standing Committee for Economics for the opportunity to respond to the inquiry into the Digital ID Bill 2023 (DI Bill) & Digital ID (Tr. [...] The Digital Identity Bill of 2023 and the Digital Identity (DI) scheme present an ambitious framework aimed at simultaneously modernising identity verification and minimising data collection in the digital economy to which the AIIA is a strong advocate and supporter. [...] Recommendation: The AIIA supports the scheme and would like to see the phased approach from phase one to four and the full economy adopon be compressed and accelerated so as to achieve the full economic benefits sooner. [...] Secon 49 privacy and law enforcement safeguards As stated in the introducon, cizen trust is crical to the success of the scheme and the scheme is not a law enforcement tool. [...] Recommendation: The AIIA suggests the Senate ensure references to cyber security in this Bill and the Digital ID Rules will be aligned with the legislave changes by the Department of Home Affairs.


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