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Australian Information Industry Association

18 Feb 2024

Australian Information Industry Association Submission on the National Skills Passport 18 February 2024 1 Introduction The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) thanks the Department of Education (DoE) and Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DoEW) for the opportunity to respond to the National Skills Passport consultation. [...] Recommendation: The AIIA suggests the DoE and DoEW prioritise the recognition of tech skills, particularly in areas of cyber security, data analytics, and information management and risk and governance, enterprise architecture, AI and ML. [...] Recommendation: The AIIA suggests the DoE and DoEW prioritise interoperability with Australian States Skills passports and those of the top countries providing the most permanent migrants to Australia.4 Recommendation: The AIIA also suggests the National Skills Passports to be accessible via the Digital ID system (myGov) and integrated with other important (non-skill) right-to-work credentials wal. [...] The education sector is twice as likely to have less than $10M OPEX and CAPEX annual IT budget and five times more likely to not have increase in IT budget in the next one to three years.5 Recommendation: The AIIA agrees that a mandate to establish a single data standard will motivate the education sector to focus capability uplift, which will both assist in implementing the National Skills Passpo. [...] Conclusion The AIIA appreciates the opportunity to explain the latest developments in the technology sector and the skills in demand, noting that it is a key pillar of growth for the national economy.


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