cover image: Perspectives from FSF Scholars February 22, 2023 Vol. 19, No. 7


Perspectives from FSF Scholars February 22, 2023 Vol. 19, No. 7

22 Feb 2024

As of the third quarter of 2023, the total of 5G connections in the U. [...] These indicators that broadband access is increasing and the market is effectively competitive and innovative should impact FCC policy and prompt the agency to adhere to a market-oriented, light-touch approach to broadband Internet services. [...] And the Commission also is preparing to impose another layer of costly regulatory constraints on broadband IPSs in the form of public utility regulation. [...] Another harmful component of the Commission’s proposed regulation of broadband networks is a vague catchall to second-guess ISP decision-making on engineering decisions and control outcomes based on unknown factors and unarticulated policy preferences and arbitrary whims of a majority of the Commission’s members. [...] By aligning its policy with the effectively competitive conditions that exist in today’s broadband Internet services market and focusing on freeing up more spectrum to support next-generation services, the FCC ensures the continuation of these positive trends and promotes the continued rapid deployment of broadband to all Americans.


Seth Cooper

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United States of America