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Funding our future - School funding currently is not adequate to create

15 Feb 2024

The key question, then, is whether funding is as often, I have wanted to shine a light on the Research shows that targeting more money for adequate for students from all backgrounds to tragic inequity in under-resourced schools that education, especially for students from low- achieve common outcome goals. [...] The AFT is about real solutions that relative both to historical trends and to what help create a better life and provide opportunity, prior research would lead us to expect. [...] Loss of This school finance report drives home a fact but that doesn’t happen without resources spent that aid will equate to an average reduction in that I have seen firsthand in schools here and wisely. [...] “The Adequacy and Fairness of State School Finance Systems,” by researchers at the Albert Shanker Institute, the University of Miami and Rutgers University, estimates that this decrease in “fis- cal effort” cost schools the equivalent of $360 billion in state and local funding between 2016 and 2021. [...] Instead of restoring funding as states’ economies grew following the disastrous cuts to education during the Great Recession, 4 out of 5 states have not returned to the fiscal effort they were making to fund public schools in 2006.
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