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Hunter Power Project - Water Management Plan

13 Feb 2024

The Department The Department’s primary role is to set out the conditions of approval, review and approve the WMP, administer modifications to the approval and significant changes to the management plan document, and oversee compliance of the Project to the Infrastructure Approval. [...] The unnamed tributary of Black Waterholes Creek along the western boundary and to the north of the Project Site and Swamp Creek approximately 1 km to the east of the Project Site represent local controls on groundwater elevation. [...] 6.2 Monitoring, inspection and reporting In addition to the requirements outlined in the CEMS, Table 6-2 below summarises the monitoring and reporting to be undertaken during pre-construction, construction and demobilisation phases of the project as part of the weekly inspection to meet the requirements of this plan. [...] The key aspects a non-compliance notification will address are: (a) the development and application number (12590060); (b) the condition of approval that the development is non-compliant with; (c) the way in which the development does not comply; (d) the reasons for the non-compliance (if known); and (e) the corrective and preventative actions undertaken to address the non-compliance. [...] It is noted that: • The WMP has been developed by SHL for the works associated with the construction of the project and to address the specific water management requirements of the Infrastructure Approval.


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