cover image: Information on the intranet  Balancing work and family at the WZB


Information on the intranet Balancing work and family at the WZB

21 Feb 2024

Information on the intranet Under “Work and Family” on the intranet you will find the “Code of Conduct – Family-friendly WZB” and examples how to put the principles into practice. [...] • stress and conflicts at work • problems in family and partnership Accordingly, the WZB offers flexible working WZB Familienservice • alcohol and addiction problems hours, support in finding childcare solutions, a • financial difficulties parent-child office and childcare at large con- If you are employed at the WZB, you can take ad- ferences and major evening events. [...] and contact data of Viva Familienservice on the cation through the berufundfamilie® audit, the WZB intranet under “Work and Family.” WZB has further committed itself to expand and WZB employees are eligible for the following consolidate the existing measures as well as its benefits: transparent information policy. [...] The manage- Work and family at the WZB ment and directors of the WZB are fully commit- Childcare ted to this goal. [...] In case of acute and permanent care cases in the Dual career couples family, Viva Familienservice advises and sup- ports you with: The WZB cooperates with the Dual Career Net- • individual counseling in the case of illness or work Berlin to support life partners in their care for employees or close relatives search for employment opportunities.



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