cover image: POLICY BRIEF - By: Sixtus Onyekwere March 2024 - A Call to Action: Deepening States'


POLICY BRIEF - By: Sixtus Onyekwere March 2024 - A Call to Action: Deepening States'

7 Mar 2024

Amnesty International posits that the figures reported might triple if every woman abused in Nigeria reported the case, attributing the underreporting to societal stigma and a lack of faith in law enforcement and the legal framework. [...] While several multilateral initiatives exist to combat GBV in Nigeria (such as the EU-UN Spotlight Initiative) in addition to the Nigeria Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act of 2015, the states’ strong and active role remains critical for effectively driving these initiatives and creating a safer, more inclusive, and more equitable society. [...] The initiative gave rise to the launch of the National GBV Data Situation Room and Dashboard in Nigeria in 2020, set up in conjunction with the Nigerian Ministry of Women Affairs, to provide real-time (monthly) data on reported cases, service provision, and convictions. [...] ● Supporting data collection and research: investing in evidence-based research in collaboration with institutions like the National Bureau of Statistics, Centre for the Study of the Economies of Africa (CSEA), etc to help identify specific needs and prioritize interventions tailored to each state's context. [...] Summary of The LRC Framework - Role of State in Ending GBV in Nigeria In a nutshell, states can enhance the efforts of the Spotlight Initiative by aggressively implementing these measures and prioritising supplemen.


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