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Australian Information Industry Association

23 Feb 2024

Australian Information Industry Association Submission on Supporting the development of sovereign capability in the Australian technology sector 23 February 2024 1 Introduction The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) thanks the Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration for the opportunity to respond to its inquiry on the development of sovereign capability in th. [...] We are keen to see a Minimal Viable Plan (MVP) that sets up the foundations for leveraging Government procurement power and tracking the outcomes by the end of 2024 and have included recommendations to accelerate the speed of delivery. [...] Effectiveness of the Buy Australian Plan (BAP) and the Future Made in Australia Office (FMiAO) The AIIA had been pleased with the FMiAO goal, and that using government purchasing power to boost Australian technology industry capability is now on the agenda; however, progress has been slow. [...] While FMiAO plays an important role in driving change, it will need the support of the whole of Government, especially in achieving the BAP objective of ‘support industry sectors through the government’s purchasing power.’ The AIIA proposes the following actions to reform government procurement and report on the full and timely delivery of outcomes. [...] Recommendation: Establish an advisory council comprising a mix of Australian industry experts with an understanding of the verticals, and senior serving or past public servants from information technology policy and procurement roles to refine targets, review performance over time, and oversee the council reporting Level of engagement and consultation between the Australian Government and technolo.


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