cover image: Victorian Gas Planning Report Update - March 2024 - Gas transmission network planning


Victorian Gas Planning Report Update - March 2024 - Gas transmission network planning

19 Mar 2024

Production from Port Campbell21 is forecast to increase from the 38 PJ produced in 2023 to 55 PJ in 2024 with the connection of new gas supply to the Otway Gas Plant including the Enterprise field in mid-2024 and the Thylacine West wells later in 2024. [...] Port Campbell production capacity is forecast to increase from the actual maximum production of 199 TJ/d in 2023 to 211 TJ/d in 2024 and then to 222 TJ/d in 2025, mainly due to supply from the committed connection of the Thylacine West and Enterprise-1 wells to the Otway Gas Plant. [...] Longford is currently the largest gas production facility in the southern states, however capacity has been declining due to the depletion of the GBJV large legacy fields and the subsequent retirement of Longford infrastructure, including the inlet section of Gas Plant 1 which was retired at the end of 2021. [...] Gas is transported from the Longford and Lang Lang gas plants in the east, to and from Culcairn in the north (connecting to the New South Wales gas transmission system) and to and from Port Campbell in the southwest, which includes the Otway and Athena gas production facilities and the Iona UGS facility. [...] The forecast decrease in system consumption from 184 PJ in 2024 to 167 PJ in 2028 represents a reduction of between 3% and 5% from the Orchestrated Step Change (1.8°C) scenario forecasts in the 2023 VGPR64 across the five-year outlook period, which forecast system consumption of 193 PJ in 2024 and 178 PJ in 2027 (compared to 173 PJ in this 2024 VGPR Update).
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