cover image: Ending the student debt nightmare - President Joe Biden has done what other


Ending the student debt nightmare - President Joe Biden has done what other

22 Mar 2024

That’s why last representatives—often to non-operative parts month, the AFT and the Student Borrower Pro- of the MOHELA website—even though many tection Center released the results of a yearslong servicing functions can only be performed by a More than 43 million Americans have fed- investigation into industry mismanagement of customer service representative. [...] eral student loans, taking on debt so they can the student loan system—exposing a scheme by Jeremy Doran, a high school English teacher pursue opportunities, chase their dreams and, MOHELA, which has replaced Navient as the primary loan servicer responsible for all student and AFT member in New York, made more than like my members, prepare for careers in service 12 years of payments but was told b. [...] The AFT student debt for nurses, teachers, firefighters and will continue to fight for real solutions that help others in public service, after 10 years of making for 4 million borrowers people secure a better life, including expanding qualifying payments. [...] career pathways for those who do not attend college and making higher education affordable student debt, PSLF is “how we care for the folks for those who do. [...] We sued the student loan giant Navient because the student loan industry made life hell for many borrowers.
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