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Functional food and nutraceutical consumers of Canada

15 May 2007

The two dimensions that emerged from the analysis in relation to consumer attitude on non-nutritional functions of the food and other ingredients have been about “believer of food for health” and “believer of supplement for health.”. [...] However, for the purpose of the present study we assert that the consumer preferences for functional foods and nutraceuticals are conditioned by their attitudes about such products, motivations to consume FFNs based on expected beneficial effects, and the knowledge about the ability of these products to deliver the expected beneficial effects. [...] If, on the other hand, the consumer has a higher scale of motivation to entertain the promised “beneficial effects” of the functional foods and nutraceuticals, the receptivity or affinity to consume would be relatively higher. [...] Attitudes of the respondents regarding the health impacts of food and other supplements are explored using Question 5. Knowledge about the effects of food and other ingredients on specific disease and 9 health conditions is explored using Question 6. Finally, respondents’ motivation in relation to food and supplement consumption for non-nutritional goals is captured by Question 4. In the following [...] Attitudes regarding the health and food/nutrition linkage Question 5 of the survey used Likert-scale responses (strongly agree=5 to strongly disagree=1) to solicit respondents’ attitudes (level of agreement) regarding statements related to the health functions of foods and supplements (Table 1 shows the question and statements).
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Herath, Deepananda P

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