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The United Nations and apartheid, 1948-1994.


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As President Mandela observed in his 3 October 1994 address to the General Assembly, it was "of great importance to the universal efficacy of, and respect for, the Declaration of Human Rights and the Charter of the United Nations that the United Nations should have spurned the pleas of the apartheid regime that the gross violation of human rights in South Africa was a domestic matter 3/Document 22 [...] In the first of these, it affirmed the competence of the United Nations to consider the matter, and gave a detailed account of the racial tO/Document 9 situation in South Africa and its effects.lO Concluding that the racial Seepage228 policies of the South African Government were contrary to the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it declared that "the doct [...] The Committee said that the expan sion of all branches of the armed forces, the setting up of air commando units, the establishment of police reserves and home guards, the training of civilians in the use of arms, the development of the radio network to link all of the nearly 1,000 police stations in the Republic, the importing of large quantities of modern arms and the great increase in the defe [...] By 1975, the South African Government was effectively excluded from all the organs of the United Nations as a direct consequence of its violation of the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


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