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What guys say, and what guys do

2 Dec 2013

We asked them about experiences at different services, their health issues, the kinds of health including caring and respectful staff, and social services they had used in prompt access, and services located the past year, and the quality of those together, making it easier to access services. [...] Guy’s health and services use: Findings at a glance 5 About the study methods In order to get a picture of young men’s Some of the research team members health and how they access health were young men from the community and social services, we used a multi‑ who may have been sexually exploited ple‑choice survey with 276 young men. [...] And information is important too and they’ve got a lot of that.” – Age 20, bisexual, traded sex “The fact that they did everything I ever asked for… [I asked for] referrals to like, treat‑ ment centres and shit.” – Age 25, heterosexual, never traded sex Positive experiences with services 29 Negative Experiences with Services In the interviews, the guys were asked Inconvenience to think about a tim [...] So I wasn’t all there, and the report that they did totally demonized me as like a complete freak, creep person … and I went to go see the same, the same program again like a couple years later and they pulled out the report and he started listing off all the stuff in the report and I was like well you know, I had just lost my best friend, you really expect me to be all there?” –Age 23, bisexual, [...] Try to go later on because when you come out of work and stuff, other people get paid by the hour, so they want to stay ‘till the end and not leave early or just not go to work for that day.” —19 years old, heterosexual, never traded sex “Services for like, men only, or services where people can, where guys can go to where other guys will be there, rather than going to services where like most of
medical care cities and towns young men


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