cover image: Strategic Plan 2024-2029 - Promoting understanding of our contemporary human world


Strategic Plan 2024-2029 - Promoting understanding of our contemporary human world

2 Apr 2024

Our mission To enhance and safeguard the social sciences in research, professional practice, and education; and to champion and foster the understanding and application of social sciences in policy, business and public life. [...] To achieve this the Academy aims to: Explore the need for an enhanced evidence infrastructure in Whitehall and the devolved governments, and where appropriate seek to catalyse the creation of it, to support and sustain robust social science evidence and presence in policy and decision-making. [...] With the social sciences underpinning much of our understanding of the world around us, sustaining the health of the sector across the UK, and its supporting ecosystem, is key to securing the benefits that social science provides for everyone. [...] To capitalise on what the social sciences can offer in terms of real-world insight and impact, and in recognition of the high employability and wide range of skills and competencies of social science graduates, fostering the next generation of social science talent is key. [...] The social sciences are important to us all in their applications, and so raising awareness with those outside of academic circles of the understanding that social science brings and its impacts on our lives is essential to recognising the value that the sector provides to business, to society, to communities, and to individual citizens.



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