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External Event Guidelines Purpose Policy

15 Feb 2024

External Event Guidelines Purpose • The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for managing events with external speakers, to ensure that discussion and challenge are permitted, within the parameters of the law, while also ensuring appropriate and respectful behaviour by staff and those external to the Academy of Social Sciences (AcSS), who are involved in the events programme. [...] • This policy applies to all events organised in the name of AcSS either singly or in partnership; both physical or virtual; and to all those involved in the participation and delivery of activities, including chairs, speakers, attendees and organisers These activities include meetings, events or related activities. [...] Policy • As the national academy of academics, practitioners and learned societies in social science, the Academy of Social Sciences is committed to safeguarding freedom of speech and to upholding academic freedom of enquiry and debate. [...] • External speakers and events play an important role in enabling the academy to be the sector’s leading independent voice in the UK, by championing the vital role social sciences play in education, government and business. [...] • The Academy of Social Sciences reserves the right to not permit an external speaker to speak at or attend an event, to refuse to permit an event, or to end/ pause an event at any time if it is reasonably considered there may be a breach of this policy, or any breach of the law.


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