cover image: Eurojust Strategy on Cooperation with International Partners 2024–2027


Eurojust Strategy on Cooperation with International Partners 2024–2027

26 Mar 2024

The ICC also proposed the conclusion of international agreements participates in the International Centre for the with a number of non-EU countries and international Prosecution of the Crime of Aggression against organisations, and the Council of the European Ukraine (ICPA) established by Eurojust to provide Union authorised the opening of negotiations with ICPA members with tailored operational,. [...] Eurojust will also support negotiations by Potential new partners were identified using interacting at a technical level with the competent several criteria, with a focus on operational necessity authorities of the countries and international and following consultations with the competent organisations concerned, to prepare the ground for authorities of the Member States. [...] considering the volume of existing information 4 Eurojust’s engagement, at the technical level, with • Visits to relevant countries could be organised the countries included in the Council mandates for the specific purpose of strengthening has been welcomed by the Commission, as relations or as part of other events organised by this engagement can work in synergy with the Eurojust or that the agen. [...] Eurojust will seek to negotiate and conclude • Technical meetings could be held with relevant detailed working arrangements with the national authorities, at Eurojust or online, to competent authorities of the non-EU countries and explain the role of the agency and how the international organisations concerned. [...] Both projects aim to strengthen operational and strategic cooperation between the countries within The agency will increase its engagement with these two regions, as well as between them and the European External Action Service, on the EU Member States, by providing situation-specific basis of the existing cooperation instruments, to support to national authorities and promoting the ensure communi.



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