cover image: Aligning-values-and-interests-Japanese-and-Australian-democracy-support-in-the-Pacific-and-Southeast-Asia



2 Apr 2024

In the stand-off between the United States and its allies on early 1990s, Japan challenged the so-called “Wash- the one hand and China and Russia on the other is ington consensus” at the World Bank and claimed creating a permissive environment for egregious hu- to speak for Asian values and non-interference in man rights violations in Myanmar and North Korea domestic affairs. [...] and other democracies — including India and the Australia and Japan are reluctant to commit to an United States through the Quad — to coordinate and explicit policy of supporting and strengthening collaborate on policy to counter these trends in the democracy in the region. [...] Source: Getty 12 Aligning values and interests: Japanese and Australian democracy support in the Pacific and Southeast Asia Democracy and liberal values to the population; the operation of democratic pro- cesses and norms; and the fostering of conditions for in Australian foreign policy market-led development.”5 Nevertheless, Australian governments have re- Liberal values have always underpinned A. [...] This means that the host government or re- gime largely set the nature and boundaries of the Australian assistance — and to a large extent, the Economic potential of the Australian assistance and its effects infrastructure on political and other politically relevant institu- and services 13% tions in that country. [...] Additionally, a failure to openly extol and explain the virtues and practical benefits acceptable and possible of liberal and democratic institutions and practices — and draw attention to the effects of poor gover- within that system rather nance standards — will fail to support local leaders and other voices seeking to make the argument that than the simple avoidance gradual liberalism and democr.
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