cover image: PNGNRI Nius - PNGNRI and DICT sign MoU agreement P


PNGNRI Nius - PNGNRI and DICT sign MoU agreement P

28 Mar 2024

In this budget, there are three PIPs: PNG The Act states that the functions of the PNGNRI Knowledge Hub Development Project One particular area I want to emphasise is are:“(a) the promotion of research into Papua New (K3million); Office and Staff housing that we will pay more focus on welfare of Guinea society and the economy”, and in particular infrastructure refurbishment (K3million); staff, inc. [...] The Dr Sanida thanked everyone for attending other two division were Corporate Service the workshop and contributing in the The Director, Dr Osborne Sanida on Division and Knowledge Management discussions.behalf of the council, management and Division. [...] The study was designed to inform readers on the status of basic education at the To ensure appropriate and quality The primary objective of the study was to provincial level in order to inform and education, it is crucial that efforts are made compare the trends and status of Universal challenge the province, district and to increase the enrolment of students by Basic Education (UBE) between 2015. [...] can be used for different climate risks, and organisation and users’ assets.” In the crops involved, local ecosystems and essence, Cybersecurity is the deterrence In the National Research Institute the resources available. [...] Director, Dr Osborne Sanida, in an violence in the village court system of email, acknowledged the female staff for Papua New Guinea Executive Support Manager, Esther Haro, their contributions to the institute and thanked PIH and Dr Travetz for the the country and wished them a happy » Issues Paper 46.
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