cover image: Serving the Medically Fragile Child - in the School Setting


Serving the Medically Fragile Child - in the School Setting

23 Apr 2024

Planning the health needs of the child in the school setting and to The school nurse, in partnership with the family, coordinate with staff, family, physicians and community student and others, formulates a plan of care that agencies to provide a comprehensive school health program specifies strategies for attainment of expected that facilitates the maximum educational opportunity for measurable o. [...] Because these As the nurse well knows, the nurse practice act in each school staff are with the students for the majority of the state governs the scope of nursing practice and limits Standards of Professional Performance for Nurses • Ethics • Scholarly Inquiry The school nurse integrates ethics in all aspects of practice. [...] For example, under the IDEA, the school is not responsible for replacement of a surgically implanted device the child may need to survive—but it is responsible for making sure that the device is monitored and maintained correctly while the child is being transported to and from school, and in the school building. [...] Once the school nurse has trained the “Practice of (licensed) practical nursing” means the employee and determined that the employee’s knowledge application of knowledge drawn from basic education is sufficient to perform the task safely and correctly, the in the social and physical sciences in planning and staff member can be designated to perform the task. [...] nurse has concerns about the quality or safety of the care being provided by the agency staff, the school nurse must communicate that concern to the case manager from the School Health Records agency, which is ultimately responsible for the quality of According to the School Nursing Scope and Standards of care being delivered by its staff.
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