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17 Apr 2024

We remain hopeful that the governor’s office, the also has a severe maternal morbidity rate, higher than anywhere legislature, and all other stakeholders will join us in the important else in the state.2 The quality of patient care at all seven central work of planning a sustainable future for Downstate that provides Brooklyn hospitals has already suffered because of the finan- the access and care. [...] Relational breakdown The Workplace Change Collaborative (WCC) refers to the distrust, conflicting values, lack of con- recently released the National Framework for Address- trol, and inequities experienced in work and learning The Workplace Change ing Burnout and Moral Injury in the Health and Pub- environments. [...] Andrew’s integrity is not threatened, either directly—by being Healthcare in Northamp- asked to put the best interest of the organization ahead tonshire, England, for * of the best interest of the patient, for example—or by which the author is deeply AFT Health Care has published several articles on moral injury documenting the challenges healthcare workers face and how to grateful. [...] Having will typically toss their gloves on the floor, along with absorbed this view, perhaps we can make the adjust- the equipment and blood, and walk out, the Pause ments necessary to better support one another, to allowed them to reconnect and leave with a sense of move toward a future that is more sustainable, more reverence. [...] ing in advanced healthcare programs such as Stop But even though the hall has lockers and classrooms the Bleed, the American College of Surgeons program Pamela Hummer is the and school posters, this is not a school building; it is that teaches how to stop bleeding in a severely injured editor of Critique, the the MetroHealth Main Campus Medical Center, and person, and Code Red, which is training f.
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