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People’s Commission into the Housing Crisis - Google Docs

21 Apr 2024

4 As a part of this coalition the CEO of YWCA Canberra, Frances C rimmins stated “increasing the supply of ‘missing middle’ housing in convenient and central locations must be on the table for planning reform if we are to address the increasing levels of housing crisis and homelessness among a growing cohort of C anberrans.” 5 It’s worth noting that both Kainga Ora and its predecessor, Housing New. [...] During the National Housing and Homelessness Agreement negotiations, the Commonwealth should require the states and territories to switch all non-market housing projects to representative consultations, including community and expert panels for large projects and exempting small projects t hat comply with neighbourhood strategies supported by representative s urveys of the community at large. [...] This results in a situation where economic pressures like rising rents or house prices displace someone further out of the city—but that dislocated person has no political influence over the council they were forced to leave in order to pressure that council to take steps to avoid similar displacement happening to others or to facilitate changes that would allow the dislocated person to return. [...] In particular, we echo the ideas proposed by the Municipal Association of Victoria and t he Planning Institute of Australia 1 9 in replacing our existing structure of atomised and unfit-for-purpose local councils with a single city-wide government or the systemic amalgamation of smaller councils. [...] A critical part of rebalancing the exclusion of renters from the decision-making process would to be provide funding to the National Association of Renter’s O rganisations NARO.
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