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19 Apr 2024

The nation’s justice system has reached an inflection point as we work to balance the continued pursuit of effective strategies to prevent and control crime, support law enforcement personnel, and advocate for victims with the need to confront the long-term effects of mass incarceration, over-policing, and racism NIJ & BJS Funding, FY 1995-2024 in our legal system. [...] As you prepare spending legislation for FY 2025, the justice research and statistics stakeholder community respectfully request the Subcommittee take the following actions: For more information, contact (1) Appropriate $135 million for the Research, Evaluation, and Statistics account within the Department of Justice budget, which includes $60 million for the National Institute of J. [...] National Institute of Justice The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) provides funding for research, development, and evaluation projects at institutions across the country to shed light on the most pressing issues facing our nation’s criminal justice system today, including the drivers of domestic radicalization, addressing the drug epidemic, reducing violent crime, improving school safety, and f. [...] For FY 2025, the justice research and statistics stakeholder community urge the Committee to appropriate $60 million for the National Institute of Justice. [...] Bureau of Justice Statistics The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) produces high-quality data on many aspects of the United States criminal justice system, including corrections, courts, crime type, law enforcement personnel and expenditures, federal processing of criminal cases, Indian country justice statistics, and victims of crime.


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