cover image: We urge you to provide at least $900 million for IES in the FY 2025


We urge you to provide at least $900 million for IES in the FY 2025

8 Apr 2024

Department of Education charged with providing information on the condition and progress of education, educational practices that support learning and improve academic achievement and access to educational opportunities for all students, and the effectiveness of federal and other education programs. [...] With the important role that education has for developing literacy and math skills, preparing students for civic engagement and participation in the workforce, and fostering innovation, investment across IES programs is essential for producing research and data that can inform evidence-based decision-making in education across the nation. [...] Additional funding within RD&D is critical to support research that drives the development of evidence-based education programs, and addresses research needs such as the potential impact on the use of education technology and AI learning processes; which allocation and spending strategies by states, districts, and education leaders are associated with improved education outcomes; and identificatio. [...] As part of the Accelerate, Transform, and Scale initiative, IES is investing in transformative research and the Seedlings to Scale program to develop innovative, quick turnaround, evidence- based research and tools with the potential for breakthroughs in teaching and learning. [...] We urge Congress to appropriate at least $900 million for IES in FY 2025, which would sustain and expand the capacity for IES to advance innovative research, develop the methodological skills of education researchers, and continue to support high-quality and trustworthy statistics 3 and evidence-based resources.


Anderson, Adrian

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