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30 Apr 2024

Vigilancc N{anual and the instructions rcgarding consultarion rr.irh rhe IiPSC and C'cntral Vigilance Commission: and l\. [...] 'rhe Scction dcals * i1h thc fonnat ion olsctring up of lnrernat complaints ( to dcal u ith thc cornplaints ol' Sexual I tarassmenl of Working Womcn at u.orkplacc in NITI Aayog/DMllo. [...] 'l hc; also hit hcr \\'ith tlrc telcph()ne i slnnncnl lying in thc chanrbijr alrtl also attcnrptcd to strallgulille hct lLrth ol lhent ticd hcr to llt chrir lying the charnlxr rrith hcr i,ru,r chunni anti kepl lx'ating lrer'. [...] uitusing sinrplc initrrr and criniDal i r r t i i r r i
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