29 February 2024


29 February 2024

30 Apr 2024

29 February 2024 TENTATIVE FORECAST OF THE PROGRAMME OF WORK OF THE SECURITY COUNCIL FOR THE MONTH OF MARCH 2024 For information only/not an official document This tentative forecast of the programme of work of the Security Council has been prepared by the Secretariat for the President of the Council. [...] 49: Requests the Secretary-General to report to the Security Council every six months, in coordination with the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for the Great Lakes Region and the SRSG for the DRC on the implementation of the commitments under the PSC Framework and its linkages with the broader security situation in the Great Lakes Region; The report of the Secretary-General is expected to be iss. [...] 3: Welcomes the Secretary-General’s proposal to incorporate reporting with respect to the verification of compliance with the sentences referred to in paragraph 1 of this resolution within the existing reporting cycle for the Verification Mission, and to keep the Council fully informed of the preparations of the Verification Mission and the progress, assessment, and eventual results of the verific. [...] 6: Requests the Special Adviser to continue to submit and present reports to the Council on the Team’s activities every 180 days and to develop, by 15 March 2024, in consultation with the Government of Iraq, a roadmap for the completion of the Team’s mandate, including with respect to Iraq’s request set out in paragraph 3 and the necessary steps for the Team’s closure; The report of the Secretary-. [...] 12: Decides to review on a regular basis the implementation in the Syrian Arab Republic of the decision of the OPCW Executive Council of 27 September 2013 and this resolution, and requests the Director-General of the OPCW to report to the Security Council, through the Secretary-General, who shall include relevant information on United Nations activities related to the implementation of this resolu.


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