cover image: Issue 1/2024 WIPO Magazine - IP and the SDGs - In this issue


Issue 1/2024 WIPO Magazine - IP and the SDGs - In this issue

23 Apr 2024

Thatʼs why weʼre working to expand the community to create the demand that will foster the businesses we need to supply the chemicals and reagents required for research and development, for example. [...] Still, the study ultimately supports the view that the Hinari program and the R4L initiative contribute to achieving the SDGs. [...] In line with these objectives, in 2023, the GLIPA Latin America (LATAM) chapter and the Mexican think tank, CAIINNO began working to get a clearer view of the participation levels of women in the IP system, specifically in the field of patenting in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. [...] It also ensures the preservation of your economic rights, in other words, your ability to earn income from your work, and your moral rights, including the right to be credited as the creator, and the right to protect the integrity of your work,” Okolie explains. [...] Within academia and research, the University of California and the Chinese Academy of Sciences lead in SDG-related patents, with significant contributions from academic and research organizations across the United States, China, France, the Republic of Korea and Germany.


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