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1 May 2024

MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING ON THE CONSERVATION AND CMS/IOSEA/MOS9/Doc.8.3 MANAGEMENT OF MARINE TURTLES 1 May 2024 AND THEIR HABITATS OF THE INDIAN OCEAN AND SOUTH-EAST ASIA 9TH MEETING OF THE SIGNATORY STATES Dar es Salaam, United Republic of Tanzania, 24-27 June 2024 Agenda Item 8.3 CRITICAL HABITAT (Prepared by the Advisory Committee) Note by the Secretariat 1. [...] This IOSEA document provides proposed terminology and guidance on the definition and use of the term for the purposes of sea turtle conservation across the IOSEA region. [...] Memorandum Of Understanding on The Conservation and Management of Marine Turtles and their Habitats of the Indian Ocean and South-East Asia (including Conservation and Management Plan). [...] 10 CMS/IOSEA/MOS9/Doc.8.3 Term and Detail Organization Habitat Critical ‘Habitat critical to the survival of a species or ecological community’ EPBC Act 1999 refers to areas that are necessary: Australia • for activities such as foraging, breeding, roosting, or dispersal • for the long-term maintenance of the species or ecological community (including the maintenance of species essential to the su. [...] Such habitat may be, but is not limited to: habitat identified in a recovery plan for the species or ecological community as habitat critical for that species or ecological community; and/or habitat listed on the Register of Critical Habitat maintained by the minister under the EPBC Act Habitat Critical The guidelines define ‘habitat critical to the survival of a species’ as areas necessary: Marin.


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