cover image: Israel’s Operation - Swords of Iron Update - April 12, 2024


Israel’s Operation - Swords of Iron Update - April 12, 2024

12 Apr 2024

Humanitarian Efforts l According to Israel’s Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), from the beginning of the war to April 10, there have been 422,130 tons of humanitarian aid that entered Gaza on 22,403 trucks. [...] But we’ll still have to be able to distribute it efficiently.” » Satterfield also said, “Gaza’s population of 2.2 million are not … starving today because the bulk of the assistance delivered has gone to them, not to Hamas; and that’s the fundamental fact,” and “we could not do what we have been able to and could not have achieved the progress that we’ve seen without the engagement of COGAT … They. [...] l On April 11, the Iranian regime’s mission to the United Nations claimed that “had the UN Security Council condemned the Zionist regime’s reprehensible act of aggression on our diplomatic premises in Damascus and subsequently brought to justice its perpetrators, the imperative for Iran to punish this rogue regime might have been obviated.” » On April 11, The Times of Israel reported that Iran’s F. [...] I think that’s what the people in Israel are crying for.” l On April 10, Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke over the phone with Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and “welcomed Israel’s recent announcements of urgent steps to facilitate the entry of humanitarian assistance into Gaza and to improve humanitarian deconfliction and coordination, reiterating that incidents such as the strike on World C. [...] Indonesia’s stance has not changed.” l On April 11, the UN Security Council released a statement that it “took note of the announcement by Israel to open the Erez (border) crossing and allow the use of the Ashdod port for aid deliveries into Gaza, but stressed that more should be done to bring the required relief given the scale of needs in Gaza.” l Stephane Sejourne, France’s foreign minister, sa.
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