cover image: Israel’s Operation - Swords of Iron Update - March 22, 2024


Israel’s Operation - Swords of Iron Update - March 22, 2024

22 Mar 2024

- The three Hamas operatives are the leader of the Nablus unit, the mastermind of the 2014 abduction and killing of three Israeli teenagers, and a planner of West Bank attacks, respectively. [...] » Emphasizing IDF humanitarian efforts at the hospital, Hagari stated that the IDF has brought in generators for the hospital’s emergency room and provided 1,800 liters of water, 3.8 tons of food, and a truck of fuel to the hospital. [...] him for an update and we got it on the war, on the release of the hostages and in the efforts to defeat Hamas. [...] » According to the report, the “daily average number of trucks carrying food to the Gaza Strip before the war was around 70, and since the beginning of March, the average has grown to over 125 — marking an 80% rise.” » The report also notes that “Israel said it has bolstered personnel, extended working hours, and acquired additional scanners to increase throughput at the border crossings, enabling. [...] l Israel’s Ynet outlet reported on March 20 that “the United States decided to bring Qatar in to participate in the construction and management of the temporary pier in Gaza, that will bring humanitarian aid into the Strip, despite Israel’s objections.” » The report quoted an unnamed Israeli official as saying, “Qatari involvement in a port in Gaza would be a dream come true for Hamas and it is to.
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