cover image: 202 - ERF W 3 P s - State-Business Relations in Sudan:


202 - ERF W 3 P s - State-Business Relations in Sudan:

31 Jul 2023

The NWWW theory separates the role of the organization of the state from the role of the organizations of SBRs. [...] As in the case of SBRs, the success of even the easy-stage short-term reforms requires the combined presence of tripartite political trains of interests in the policy, the power to commit to the policy, and the know-how to implement it. [...] The analysis focused on contrasting the historical 14 experiences of the major configurations of the SBRs sealed by the state rulers and the consequences of these policy choices on the private sector, including the impact of these relations on the state nominal domain. [...] However, the frequent outbreaks of violence in the LAO reduce the rents, which motivates the state rulers to divide the control of the economy and the rents and to be peaceable most of the time. [...] The implementation of the policies imposed by the colonizers was based on the participation of much broader segments of citizens beyond the colonial administrators and the domestic collaborators serving in the lower echelons of the administrative staff.


Kabbashi, Suliman

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