cover image: Annex 2   - Section 1: Declaration on Eligibility Section 2: Non-Collusion Declaration


Annex 2 - Section 1: Declaration on Eligibility Section 2: Non-Collusion Declaration

2 May 2024

The Candidate is not in breach of obligations relating to the payment of social security contributions or the payment of taxes in accordance with the legal provisions of the country in which the Candidate resides or is established or where the contract awarded as a result of this procurement process is to be performed. [...] 2) If the ESM awards the contract resulting from this procurement procedure to the Consortium on the basis of the joint Proposal, all Consortium members shall be considered parties to the contract in accordance with the following conditions: (a) All Consortium members shall be jointly and severally liable towards the ESM for the performance of the contract. [...] 4) The Consortium members grant to the Consortium leader all the necessary powers to act on their behalf in the submission of the Proposal and the conclusion of the Contract, including: (a) The Consortium leader shall submit the proposal on behalf of all Consortium members including all relevant questions, clarification requests, notifications, etc., that may be received during the evaluation, awa. [...] It shall co-ordinate the delivery of the services and/or supplies by the Consortium to the ESM and shall ensure the proper administration of the Contract. [...] In the event that the Proposal of the Candidate is successful, we will make available the resources necessary for performance of the Contract as a subcontractor and will carry out the services that will be subcontracted to us in compliance with the terms of the Contract.


Asta Venckute

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