cover image: Palestine Gaza Strip West Bank 2.2M 0.6M 1.7M


Palestine Gaza Strip West Bank 2.2M 0.6M 1.7M

22 Apr 2024

PEAK 2023 (DECEMBER 2023–FEBRUARY 2024) DRIVERS OF THE CRISIS 2023–2024 PEAK 2023 (DECEMBER) Conflict/insecurity In Another 40 percent relied primarily 2.2M people or 100% of the Gaza population faced high levels October 2023, escalating on friends and family networks of acute food insecurity. [...] This is the highest share of a population in IPC hostilities led to mass displacement although there were reports that 0.6M people or 18% of the total population faced high levels of Phase 3 or above in any area or country in IPC history. [...] This represents a sharp deterioration in acute food insecurity since 0.6 million or 26 percent of the population were food, water, services, safe shelter or In the Gaza Strip, prices of the few 2022 linked to heightened violence, rising unemployment and demolition- estimated in Catastrophe (IPC Phase 5) – the North humanitarian assistance. [...] of Famine was projected through May 2024, Gaza been destroyed by the hostilities, of wheat flour, eggs and dairy was if the situation of intense hostilities and with over 27 percent of cropland DRIVERS OF THE CRISIS 2023–2024 restricted humanitarian access persisted or Deir reported. [...] (IPC Famine Review Committee, settler violence and demolitions in distribution of salaries for Palestinian mid-March and May 2024 in Gaza Over 75 percent of the population, December 2023; WFP Gaza Market the West Bank increased, resulting in Authority employees, have severely and North Gaza governorates, with a 21% or 1.7 million people, were displaced Monitor, January 2024) (see Focus: more popul.
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