cover image: Israel’s Operation - Swords of Iron Update - March 13, 2024


Israel’s Operation - Swords of Iron Update - March 13, 2024

13 Mar 2024

l On March 12, the IDF said that its “troops have launched a pursuit after the terrorist and are conducting searches in the area” after a Palestinian unsuccessfully tried to stab an Israeli near the West Bank’s Givat Ronen outpost. [...] In a statement, the IDF noted that it “holds the Syrian regime accountable for all activities which take place within its territory and will not allow for any attempted actions which could lead to the entrenchment of Hezbollah on the Syrian front." West Bank l On March 12, the IDF arrested a wanted Palestinian Islamic Jihad member, Mahdi Fayyad, in Jenin. [...] l On March 11, the IDF and Shin Bet said that a Palestinian who was “en route to Israeli territory to carry out a suicide attack in the immediate time-frame” was killed by troops from the elite Duvdevan unit in the West Bank. [...] COGAT specified that the shipments were “part of an experimental pilot in order to prevent Hamas from taking over the aid.” l On March 12, the first boat carrying aid to Gaza left from Larnaca, Cyprus, according to the World Central Kitchen. [...] l A Times of Israel report on March 11 indicated that the IDF is seeking the dismantlement of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) by discrediting the agency and working with other groups in Gaza, including the UN World Food Program, to deliver humanitarian aid to Palestinians.
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