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Minority Rights 58 f - a

24 Apr 2024

The second period begins with Not all the Spaniards were indifferent to the way the Indians were treate the 19th century and extends to the present. [...] of smallpox, reportedly transported to the island by the newly arriVl In order to place the current situation of the Puerto Rican people within Africans, killed nearly one-third of the Indians and a goodly number< a proper context, an understanding of the island's four centuries as a Spanish settlers. [...] It authoriz The Arcaicos were apparently conquered by the Igneris, a subculture the fortification of San Juan, otherwise enemies would seize the isla1 of the Arawaks, who migrated in canoes from Venezuela, along the chain and use it as a base from which to attack the fleets that transported silv • of J_,esser Antillean islands. [...] a few days by the Spanish military, but the anniversary of El Grito is an The reforms of 1765, allowing European settlers to buy lands held by official holiday in Puerto Rico, and it continues to be remembered as the the Spanish crown and creating incentives for the cultivation of sugar cane, symbolic " birth" of Puerto Rico's feeling of nationhood. [...] from two years of self-imposed "exile" in Europe, just a few weeks pric While the spirit of nationalism remained very much alive, the Popular to the election, and made numerous radio speeches on behalf of the youn Democrats managed to retain firm control of the electorate, sweeping the candidate.
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