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Randi Weingarten

19 Apr 2024

Our might consider in their bargaining and policy work to make the union is committed to our members’ work and the mission of public sector an employer of choice, a destination employer. [...] working and not seeking employment but willing and able The inability to fully staff essential positions is impacting to work under the right circumstances).” the public sector across our nation and in our territories. [...] The public sector works for the common retirement savings programs, financial check-ups and life- good and historically has provided well-rounded benefit long learning and reskilling are attractive to all employees, packages to supplement the less competitive salaries, com- regardless of age.” The public sector can creatively provide pared with the private sector. [...] Colorado increased its commitment to the who are returning to communities have complex needs in expansion of an apprenticeship program in state govern- finding employment, public agencies have found success ment specifically to focus on hard-to-staff positions and to in matching the needs of the formerly incarcerated with support recruitment and retention efforts. [...] Too often in the public sector, job descriptions are not Additionally, updating job descriptions will allow human reviewed for accuracy or updated to provide a better resources professionals and union leaders to review the reflection of the scope of work and the tie to our democ- compensation level attributed to the position to ensure racy.
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