cover image: U.S. Must Defeat Houthis’ Asymmetric Warfare Strategy - What Happened?


U.S. Must Defeat Houthis’ Asymmetric Warfare Strategy - What Happened?

6 May 2024

The United States must find a way to stop Houthi attacks in the short-term by imposing prohibi- tive costs on the Houthis and their Iranian and Hezbollah backers. [...] What Should the United States Do Next? ⚫ The United States should, as JINSA has previously called for, strike the Houthis head-on in a sustained, proactive, and “increasingly frequent, deadly, and destructive” manner to de- grade their offensive capabilities and reestablish deterrence. [...] ⚫ The United States should increase efforts to interdict shipments of arms and weapon com- ponents from Iran into Houthi hands, as authorized by United Nations Security Council Res- olution (UNSCR) 2216, which mandates countries to “immediately take the necessary measures to prevent the direct or indirect supply, sale or transfer” of arms to the Houthis. [...] and Israeli defense firms, namely Lockheed Martin and Rafael, to develop and test variants of the Iron Beam system for the United States and allies. [...] » The United States should also explore establishing a directed energy version joint test- ing facility in either country modeled on the Spadeadam Electronic Warfare Tactics Range in England, which enables the United States and the United Kingdom to simulate real-world settings to jointly test and interoperate test electronic warfare systems.


Ari Cicurel

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