cover image: Joint Paper JHA Agencies Solidarity with Ukraine 30.04.2024_REV


Joint Paper JHA Agencies Solidarity with Ukraine 30.04.2024_REV

7 May 2024

Contributing to EU tools such as the EU Migration Preparedness and Crisis Management Blueprint Network, the EU Integrated Political Crisis Response and the Solidarity Platform launched by the European Commission; Contributing to the implementation of the a Common Anti-Trafficking Plan addressing the risks of trafficking among people fleeing the military aggression against Ukraine. [...] The aim of this paper is to present to the European Institutions and the general public a concise, but as complete as possible, record of the activities, which may be used as a source of reference when referring to the support of the JHA community. [...] border crime related repercussions of the war in This new platform will enhance the possibilities to Ukraine contributing also to the Europol threat coordinate JIT operations by enabling easy assessment about the implications of the war in communication and the electronic sharing of Ukraine on serious and organised crime. [...] Such The support of Europol and Eurojust to continuous information exchange supports Europol in investigations carried out in the EU MS includes monitoring the potential implications of the war on activities in relation to the enforcement of EU serious and organised crime as well as terrorism, and sanctions, including through their participation in the in issuing threat assessments with contributi. [...] Moving forward, the experience in applying the TPD should place the needs of victims at the heart of the response, which means that EU Institutions need to implement the Istanbul Convention and the new Directive on combating violence against women and domestic violence; provide clear guidelines and support Member States on the correct implementation of EU rules on temporary protection and victims’.



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