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Ukraine 7.3M 3.7M 3.7M 3 300

22 Apr 2024

Ukraine CHAPTER 2 | EUROPE C O N T E N TS F ACUTE FOOD INSECURITY | The impact of the war on food access and availability maintained high levels of acute food insecurity, particularly in frontline areas in the eastern and southern oblasts. [...] This constrained the 30 percent in 2022, the Ukrainian IDPs refugees and asylum- given overall limited income and the SUMSKA OBLAST availability of food in some markets economy grew by 4.8 percent in 2023. [...] (18 percent) and damaged storage displacement, the EU extended strategies with increased frequency, to cheaper food and non-food items facilities (18 percent) (RDNA3, the region’s Temporary Protection Proportion of households facing moderate or severe acute food insecurity particularly in the eastern and (69 percent), reducing the quantity February 2024). [...] The severity and magnitude of the food crisis humanitarian access in the No 2023 nutrition data were available for Ukraine, but the nutritional escalated sharply after the conflict expanded into a full-scale war in eastern and southern oblasts as status of children has likely deteriorated. [...] This damage, in addition to issues of very restricted in the areas under affordability, limited healthcare, nutritional and WASH services, put many at the temporary military control of the risk of disease (HNRP, December 2023).
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