cover image: Report -  Making finance flow to adaptation   in small-scale agrifood systems


Report -  Making finance flow to adaptation   in small-scale agrifood systems

17 Apr 2024

results in increased positive investment, and phasing down of harmful investments, in the real The scale of the challenge is enormous, implying economy, particularly in key sectors and systems transformation of both food and financial for people and nature. [...] Parties to recognised the importance of Article 2.1(c) and the UNFCCC) and non-state actors have varying its complementarity with (but not substitutability interpretations of Article 2.1(c), and its relationship for) Article 9, as well as noting limited progress to other parts of the Paris Agreement regarding to date and the need for further understanding finance, for example the concern that it c. [...] The decision from COP27 also emphasises ‘the urgent need to scale up action and support with regard to … access to finance … with a view to enhancing the adaptive capacity and resilience and reducing the vulnerability of farmers and other vulnerable groups, especially small-scale farmers, women and youth, in relation to climate change’ (UNFCCC, 2023c: 19). [...] The IPCC identifies varying improved efficiency and sustainability of food levels of evidence and confidence in the ability processing and retail, reduced food loss and urban of autonomous adaptation actions to address and peri-urban agriculture. [...] Climate change is also likely to investors in small-scale agrifood systems are increase the volatility of food system markets and elevated by both the small size and the diversity of further increase the costs and risks for private small-scale actors (Díaz-Bonilla, 2023b).


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