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FELONY MURDER - An On-Ramp for Extreme Sentencing

7 May 2024

72% of women but only 55% of men serving • For felony murder convictions for adults, 11 a life sentence for felony murder were not the states and the federal system mandate LWOP perpetrators of the homicide.11 The California sentences, 11 states mandate LWOP in some Coalition for Women Prisoners reports that the cases, and 17 states and Washington, DC majority of their members convicted of felony. [...] Corbitt—courts stated felony murder convictions in 2019—over one- that the purpose of the felony murder rule was to quarter of the state’s LWOP population.20 In provide prosecutors with  ”flexibility and efficiency” 2019 alone, the state convicted 35 people of in obtaining plea deals.27 Prosecutors still use felony felony murder.21 murder charges to incentivize plea deals to lesser offenses: a fel. [...] Foreign jurisdictions increasingly recognize felony murder laws as violating the fundamental principles of justice and of proportionality.64 The United Kingdom, where the felony murder rule originated and subsequently spread to other Commonwealth countries and the United States, abolished felony murder starting as early as 1957.65 Other countries followed suit in the 1960s, including the Republic. [...] “From a practical standpoint, the abolition of the category of malice arising from the intent to commit In contrast, California’s Supreme Court revised the the underlying felony should have little effect on standard for felony murder for accomplices in 2015, the result of the majority of cases.  In many cases to state that they must be guilty of being a major where felony murder has been applied,. [...] Look Amendment Act, which became law in 2021, The felony murder law’s transfer of intent from the allows people who committed crimes under the underlying felony to the killing is inappropriate for age of 25 to petition for resentencing after 15 years a minor, he wrote, because “the ability to consider of incarceration.115 In 2021, Washington State’s the full consequences of a course of action and.
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