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18 Apr 2024

Strategy 1: Promote the Dispersal of Visitors within the City and Beyond Under this strategy, one of the ways to deal with overtourism in a city is to develop and promote visitor attractions and facilities in less-visited sections of the city and in surrounding areas. [...] Entertainment Fun and enjoyment connected to tram riding experience People watching Watching or observing people and their activities on the streets Historical Recalling or understanding the history of trams and gaining a experience sense of connection to the past Slow tourism The motivations and experiential benefits related to slow mobility Experiences related to access and comparison with other. [...] Strategy 4: Review and Adapt Regulations Under Strategy 4, the UNWTO report suggested more than 10 different measures, such as reviewing the opening times of visitor attractions, regulation of access to popular attractions for large groups, and regulation and taxation of hotels and other accommodations while defining the carrying capacity of the city and of critical areas and attractions. [...] The aims of the Responsible Tourism Mission are to make tourism a tool for the development of village and local communities, eradicate poverty, and give emphasis to the empowerment of women. [...] The project aims to optimize Wi-Fi facilities in Macau and to develop data-mining algorithms/tools to analyze the activities and behavioral patterns of tourists in the city.
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