cover image: Celebrating the Naga Plebiscite Day


Celebrating the Naga Plebiscite Day

15 May 2024

Greatly influenced by the system in England and mindful of India's diverse needs and conditions, the Indian Constitution borrowed several features of previous legislation, including the Government of India Act 1858, the Government of India Acts 1919 and 1935, etc. [...] For example, one of the inbuilt tensions we see in the Indian polity arises from prescribing one national administrative system which effectively prevents the emergence of self-conception of self-governance systems (even in the autonomous areas) defeating the objective of addressing diverse needs and conditions. [...] Furthermore, the FA is reflective of the realization of the inseparable nature of India and Naga people, and thereby, to share powers between the two sovereigns. [...] Finally, I am of the view that the FA does not diminish the Constitution of India, rather, it takes forward the vision of India and the Naga people further. [...] Most importantly, GoI must understand that a political solution that is truly reflective of the sovereignty of the people will magnify the dignity and political standing of India at the world stage or demean its image by acting contrary to the FA.


Gam Shimray

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