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Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Eastern Ukraine: Reconnect, Recover, Revitalize (3R) Project - P172348

15 October 2020




economic recovery ukraine access to information state policy access to finance rural area household income stakeholder engagement new technology market access agricultural sector small scale farming europe and central asia armed conflict freedom of movement agricultural production grain processing land reform legal responsibility mass media the disabled public domain public services social assistance social cohesion social media subsistence farming water treatment social impact public consultation means of communication physical environment rural community information service international standard public hearing press release social audit state budget information access road infrastructure agriculture and food security local economic development access to public information accountability mechanism evaluation committee financial sector development transport investment transport services state control national legislation community engagement survey data non-governmental organization psychological trauma food processing plants risk aversion agriculture sector online platform state power city council land grant grain elevator market development natural resources and blue economy financial sector policy social sustainability participatory monitoring the administration household level state support hard copy gender action site visits affected communities financing instrument feedback mechanism grievance redress mechanism vulnerable group social assessment consultations with stakeholders local population capacity building support internship program stakeholder identification project design and implementation source income round of consultations source of income access to land vulnerable population cultural practice medical facility community level environment and social management framework storage facility community representative small and medium size enterprise local producer state road agricultural producer trade development smallholder farmer improved connectivity government institution displaced person consultation process multiple channels access to health-care geographic area conflict and violence regional value chain alternative mean management of risk occupied territories consultation meeting below the poverty line female-headed household lack of investment regional foo unemployed woman local demand cut off unstable income local government body safety lab oil processing rehabilitation plan agricultural infrastructure local bodies domestic financial institution civic interaction beneficiary feedback free access poor road condition community outreach activities future employment prospect quality control system local referendum loss of job snail mail female head female farmer unemployed female focus group meeting agricultural service road safety measure urban service system disruption ensuring compliance local self government electronic publication wholesale market rural transportation infrastructure road section broad stakeholder oil seed agricultural supply chain village employment central authority waste processing young child railway network engine of growth lack of transportation building relationship disruption of service professional service providers income generation affected population high unemployment rate working age local interest group lost jobs competitive market environment local farmer national investment local good food processing factory existing barrier rehabilitation of road regional laboratory public notice financial pressure political influence households with child sustainability of transportation livelihood opportunity sole provider access to technology local resident vulnerability risk legislative framework public health protection application of safeguards participatory instruments local school government authority ample opportunity agricultural area roads rehabilitation market vendor food safety standard farmer market investment platform private sector representative

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Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Eastern Ukraine: Reconnect, Recover, Revitalize (3R) Project - P172348
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UA-Eastern Ukraine: Reconnect, Recover, Revitalize (3r) Project -- P172348
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