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1 Orchid - Case study

13 May 2024

The Kingdom of the Netherlands has a large flower export trade and is the largest legal exporter of orchids from Europe according to the CITES Trade Database.94 The Kingdom of the Netherlands and Germany are also two of the largest legal importers, according to CITES trade data. [...] Box CS2.1: Major dried seahorse seizures with links to Peru In December 2015, according to the Government of Peru, 570 kg of dried seahorses in 58 black sacks were seized from a container owned by a dried fish company in Paita, on the coast of Peru.a In March 2016, according to the Government of Peru, 400 kg of dried seahorses were seized from a bus in Ica, southern Peru.b In May 2016, according t. [...] In 1992, a new General Fisheries Law came into effect that, among other things, removed the regulation limiting the expansion of the fishing fleet.44 The result has been a rapid expansion in the number of vessels in the water, reducing fishing efficiency and undermining the well-being of the fishers.45 For this study, fishers were interviewed in two locations in the extreme north-west of the count. [...] There are an estimated 20 trawlers in Secura Bay and 30 in the port of Mancora, with additional vessels also found in Talara and Parachique.52 This suggests an annual offtake of many tens of thousands of seahorses from the trawlers alone, in addition to the thousands of fishers employing other techniques with lower seahorse capture rates. [...] However, if the species available in the consumer markets are of foreign origin, then the question of the legality of their entry into the country becomes relevant.



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