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5 What works? Chapter

12 May 2024

A critical question to consider in assessing the impact of interventions aimed to decrease wildlife Furthermore, it is also difficult to discern which results crime is what constitutes success? In basic terms, arise from a specific intervention and which relate to levels of criminal activity are expected to decline other causes of change in the levels of crime and and flows of illegal trade to dec. [...] The chapter then takes stock of what can One group of researchers used a systematic mapping be learned from the evidence of what works to address approach to collate the existing body of literature other crime types and refers to some existing sources addressing the effectiveness of interventions to of guidance on how such approaches might be applied counter wildlife crime, including those that di. [...] rosewoods, rangers’ level of experience and numbers; the time mahoganies, cycads, succulents, aloes), (3) reptiles spent patrolling; the longevity of patrols; the type of and birds, especially related to actions aiming to patrol conducted; the type of target and its mobility; prevent the loss of target wildlife species from their and the bonus/incentives provided to patrollers. [...] Other responses reduced types of interventions and on specific taxa of the reward to poachers, including the distribution of primates.13, 14 Evaluations undertaken by institutions subsidized leopard skins to reduce the market for typically focus on understanding the impact of their illegal products and the promotion of tourism that priority interventions. [...] Such knowledge can be used is committed, identifying the complete sequence of to prioritize, target, evaluate and refine wildlife crime choices and actions prior to, during, and after the interventions, employing the wide range of analytical crime and the links between them.64 Any specific and planning tools already in use in the wider crime crime, in terms of type and location, can be prevention.
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